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Over the past few years there has been an explosion in unstructured data across industry driven by affordable sensing technologies and adoption of analytical instrumentation. This sudden increase in data has resulted in industries spending significant amounts of time collecting, organizing and analysing content and very little time driving value with the data. HABER is focussed on reversing this trend by helping our customers spend less time collecting and analysing data and more time using HABER’s platform to drive efficiency, identify issues before they happen and uncover hidden potential. HABER’s eLIXA is an integrated platform for process, utilities and water systems driving visibility in the form of intuitive dashboards, analysis and scorecards available enterprise wide in real time from anywhere. eLIXA transforms unstructured content to actionable intelligence. Welcome to the future of industrial automation!

Discover hidden opportunities
Spot trends and relationships between critical parameters and catch upsets before they happen so you can proactively address issues.
Tomorrow’s here today
Our state of the art software and robotics based automation will reduce variability and provide better system assurance for your operations.
Never stop getting better
Stay ahead of the competition by using data driven intelligence to continuously improve and optimize your water, utility and process systems.


In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in the following areas:

Build on your strengths – let us help you take your data to the next level, create new insights and make better informed decisions about your operations. Capitalizing on data is no longer an option, it’s a must do to stay competitive and ahead of the curve.
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Maximize your potential – data driven solutions to promote asset integrity, improve efficiency at the lowest possible environmental footprint. Heat transfer and steam generation done better with analytics responding to equipment stress as they happen.
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Invest in the future – demand for scarce resources including water are on the rise. Data driven solutions that understand source to use of water are the future to better water management with optimal business results.
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Case Studies

If you are interested in the latest articles in the industry, take a sneak peek at our blog.

Improved reusability of treated wastewater

Large volumes of water are used in a typical deinking plant. The effluent water streams come with various treatment challenges and significant variability in quality. Reuse of this water back in the process is critical to the sustainability of operations. Usage of recycled paper and deinked pulp is a popular trend across the paper making […]

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Lime Mud Dewatering Aid Program delivers cost savings and improves lime production

Mills use close to 200 litres of furnace oil to produce one ton of lime, one of the single largest expenses in its operations. Moisture content in the lime can significantly increase the furnace oil requirement and also disrupt smooth operations of the lime kiln. Consistent quality of reburned lime from the lime kiln is […]

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eLIXATM delivers improved online monitoring and control

Modern plants need to have the ability to monitor in real time and control critical process parameters. eLIXA offers a truly automated system where parameters are analysed by intelligent software in real-time and adjustments are made to maintain optimum plant performance and provide system assurance. Large amounts of data are already generated in most plants. […]

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