Food & Beverage

Data driven solutions that improve food safety, increases food production efficiency with a lower environmental footprint.

HABER works with businesses across food and beverage processing to production to packaging and transportation, delivering measurable savings and value in every step of the food production supply chain. At the core of our solution is the eLIXATM platform that translates raw data in real time to actionable intelligence. We understand your critical success parameters and through automation drive the operational, mechanical and chemical improvements needed to consistently achieve those.

Our range of solutions spans process, cooling and boiler water and raw and waste water treatment ensuring you have a single point of assurance for a diverse range of needs for Dairy plants, Beverage plants, Breweries & Distilleries, Sugar mills, Food processing and Pharmaceutical manufacturing. Advance analytics capabilities on the eLIXATM platform ensure you are uncovering trends and understanding relations and dependencies better throughout plant, as well as, across plants.

Our solutions are highly standardized built on deep experience and benchmarked against best in class industry practices and require little to no customization. This helps in quick deployment and immediate results. We are constantly developing new, unique and cost effective ways to collect and relate data to our process & utility solutions so you spend less time collecting and analyzing, more time taking action.