Oil & Gas

Data driven solutions for the upstream and mid-stream oil & gas industry, refineries and petrochemical operations to stay ahead of their competition by combining data and process know how into actionable intelligence.

HABER’s solutions ensure plant asset preservation, help maximize production and optimize water use. With very little margin for error and steep cost of downtimes, Haber is a partner that knows how to improve reliability and reduce variability. This is accomplished by tracking critical parameters in real time and understanding trends and spotting issues and opportunities. Our platform eLIXATM leverages data in real time and translates this into actionable intelligence.

Over the past decade, there has been an explosion in raw and unstructured data, many a time overwhelming operators and not resulting in decision ready analysis. We understand your critical to success parameters and help you focus on driving gains on those while leveraging parameters that may seem unimportant but have a big impact. You no longer need to be siloed in to looking at your process, utility and water systems in a fragmented fashion. With HABER’s eLIXATM platform, you get access to the whole picture in real time. eLIXATM is a secure cloud based platform that integrates data collected through sensors across your plant and controls mechanical, operational and chemical parameters. Data can be accessed and controlled through existing plant SCADA or through web based dashboards.

Our solutions are highly standardized built on deep experience and benchmarked against best in class industry practices and require little to no customization. This helps in quick deployment and immediate results. We are constantly developing new, unique and cost effective ways to collect and relate data to our process & utility solutions so you spend less time collecting and analysing, more time taking action.