Sustainable Communities – HABER delivers data driven environmental solutions to communities to tackle water stress and reduce their energy and waste footprint.

Communities are at the core of our social fabric and making them sustainable is essential. HABER’s innovative water, waste and energy solutions are built to leverage data to create safe, sustainable communities all over the world. At the core of HABER’s solution is our eLIXATM platform which provides integrated data visibility in to water, utility and process systems in real time in the form of intuitive dashboards and analysis available from anywhere. So whether it’s a mall, a hospital, a hotel, office building or a residential complex, our technology can deliver measurable savings in energy and water.

HABER’s eLIXATM platform leverages data in real time to control essential process and water parameters to help you conserve water and energy and automate your utility operations. Through a focused operational, mechanical and chemical approach, eLIXATM delivers measurable savings in water and energy and better control over unwanted microbes and disease.

Our solutions are highly standardized built on deep experience and bench-marked against best in class industry practices and require little to no customization. This helps in quick deployment and immediate results. We are constantly developing new, unique and cost effective ways to collect and relate data to our process & utility solutions so you spend less time collecting and analyzing, more time taking action.