Invest in the future – demand for scarce resources including water are on the rise. Data driven solutions that understand source to use of water are the future to better water management with optimal business results.

Water conservation and reuse is at the core of industrial sustainability. Population growth, industrialization and climate change are driving water scarcity across the globe, making industrial water stewardship at the core of sustaining operations. HABER has brought the latest technology to address this challenge at the core of which is using data to drive better decisions in real time.

Coupled with our solutions for utilities and process, our water treatment, raw and waste, bring a comprehensive approach to deal with water scarcity and quality. By focussing on mechanical, operational and chemical aspects of raw water and waste water treatment, HABER solutions drive maximum water efficiency, improving plant economics at the same time. HABER’s eLIXATM platform for raw and wastewater treatment, help you run a sustainable operation through water, energy and chemical savings. eLIXATM is a secure cloud based platform that integrates data collected through sensors across your plant and controls mechanical, operational and chemical parameters. Data can be accessed and controlled through existing plant SCADA or through web based dashboards.

HABER’s eLIXATM platform caters to all industries ranging from residential to heavy industries and the whole range of effluent streams. eLIXATM provides assurance that critical parameters are maintained 24/7 enabling worry free compliance.

Our solutions are highly standardized built on deep experience and benchmarked against best in class industry practices and require little to no customization. This helps in quick deployment and immediate results. We are constantly developing new, unique and cost effective ways to collect and relate data to our process & utility solutions so you spend less time collecting and analysing, more time taking action.

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