About Haber

At Haber, we drive the future of industrial automation.

The explosion in unstructured data across industries has resulted in them spending more time in collecting, and analyzing the content and very little time driving value with the data. We are focused on reversing this trend by

helping our customers spend less time collecting and analyzing data, and more time using our platform to drive efficiency, identify issues beforehand using AI/ML, and uncover hidden potential.

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The Haber advantage

Haber brings deep industry and process expertise combined with utility and water know-how and state-of-the-art automation and software.

Our solutions are highly standardized and require little to no customization. It helps in quick deployment and immediate results.

We are continuously developing new, unique, and cost-effective ways to collect and relate data to our process & utility solutions so you can spend more time taking action.

Are all of your customers in Pulp and Paper Packaging?

We have customers in  F&B and Institutions as well. Our current processes are readily portable to different industries with water applications such as Metals and Mining.

Going global - why, what, how?

One of the goal post this year is to go international and prove product market fit. Will target paper industry in Indonesia - largest paper factories in the world. Also one of the largest paper producers in the world.  Once F&B is established in India, we will take this to North America as the solution is compelling and the North American market is very large and pricing ability would also be better. That being said the market opportunity in just India alone is very large and growing fast. Per capita consumption of paper in North America is 20 times higher than India. Per capita consumption in India is expected to double every five years.

Do you do any pilots?

We do not do pilots, we get paid from day 1.

Can the customer use another chemical with eLIXA?

1) They would lose the value that eLIXA delivers in the form of reduced downtime, product quality and lower operating costs. The value created by eLIXA for the customer is many times the cost of the chemical consumable.
2) Contractually, the customer has to use Haber chemical through eLIXA.
3) The customer would have to spend a lot of time and effort in selecting the right replacement for the Haber chemical.

Why do you have to monetize through chemical sales, why not do fixed billing for software?

We have replaced existing spend with a solution that delivers significantly more value. That being said we are transitioning this to:
1) One time hardware installation billing
2) Recurring fixed billing for software
3) Production based billing to cover chemical consumables. This is better for us as well as the customer who prefers predictive costs and costs that are tied to production levels.

Are you locked in because of proprietary chemicals?

No, we are locked in due to the value that the software delivers in optimizing chemical dosages and delivering higher value for the plant.

How do you scale? Have you looked at channel partners?

We will scale by:
1) Going deep in our customers plants and maximizing ARR/plant
2) Expanding to every plant that a customer has
3) Dominating in the industries we focus in - Paper Packaging, Institutions and F&B
4) Going international
We will always own the relationship with the customer but we are open to engaging channel partners who can add value who have established relations in an industry or geography.

Why do customers switch?

Plants are always looking for increase in productivity, decrease in quality related issues and operating costs. eLIXA gives them all of these. Showing them the results of existing installations, we are able to close on new business very fast.

Is there a cost to switch for the customer?

No. The hardware is plug and play and up and running in a few days.

Is there any maintenance required for hardware?

The hardware is very rugged and designed to last  a long time even in harsh plant conditions. We send a service engineer every few months to do a check. Some sensors will need replacement every two years.

Why not take product across industries as opposed to going deep in a particular industry?

The full value of eLIXA and machine learning is realized when most/all subsystems within a factory are covered as the subsystems are interrelated. Going deep in an industry will unleash the full value of the product and increase stickiness even further.

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