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How it works

Robotic Sampling

Auto sampling enables real-time process monitoring that replaces the manual sampling processes and provides a rich data set. It eliminates manual intervention and provides an accurate data.

How it works

Collecting Real-Time Data

Collecting real-time data from sensors, smart devices, and propriety equipment installed at strategic positions in the client site.

How it works

Data-Driven insights

Analyzing trends and deriving hidden patterns using state-of-the-art statistical and machine learning techniques transforms data into actionable intelligence.

How it works

Automated Intervention

AI algorithms running continuously on the eLIXA platform allow for real-time monitoring and control of the entire system thus, maintaining output quality and reducing its variability.

Analyze and control the entire system through Edge

Edge provides real-time analysis and control of the entire system and displays crucial parameters of various processes running at the plant through an HMI screen, with a mission to help industries become sustainable by converting data to actionable intelligence.

Monitor your production from the dashboard

It's a web portal that helps you monitor the real-time data of different processes running at the plants through intuitive charts and a KPI matrix. Also, allows our customer to control dosing at plant remotely through web portal from anywhere in the world.

Haber’s automation solution helped us increase our production by 2%, reduced the chemical consumption by 20%, and improved the system efficiency

- Pulp and Paper Packaging Manufacturer
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Haber’s smart system helped us increase our retention by 5%, reduced the raw-material consumption and improved the product quality

- Pulp and Paper Packaging Manufacturer
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With Haber's help we could Reduce bacterial count to 5 CFU/ml, avoid unscheduled boil-outs and improve product quality

— Major Pulp and Paper Manufacturer
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Haber’s smart system helped us maintain target brightness within the specified range, with minimal variability, and reduced the chemical consumption by 10%

— Major Pulp and Paper Manufacturer
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Industries We Serve

Pulp and Paper

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Real-time, data-driven automation for packaging, pulp and paper making processes- to maximize efficiency and output.


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Helping institutions tackle water stress and reduce energy and waste footprint.

Food and beverages

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Data-driven solutions to enhance production and efficiency for Food and Beverage Industry.

Maximize your plant efficiency and profit through automated, data-driven decisions