AI-driven solutions to promote asset integrity & improve plant efficiency.

Haber provides solutions for cooling towers and boiler operations. To ensure predictable results with minimum down-time and maximum water and energy savings.

Cooling water systems are prone to scale build up, corrosion, fouling and micro-biological attacks. These have an adverse impact on the effectiveness of the system, resulting in lower productivity, higher energy costs and even product defects.

The cost of an improperly treated cooling water system is high. Boiler operations also face similar challenges.

Maximize your potential – data driven solutions to promote asset integrity, improve efficiency at the lowest possible environmental footprint.

Heat transfer and steam generation done better with analytics responding to equipment stress as they happen.

Haber provides real-time, AI driven automation to maximize asset efficiency.

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Upto 15%

Higher Output
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Upto 8%

Increase in Revenue
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Upto 10%

Savings on Raw Materials
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Additional Cost

Real-time monitoring and operational control

Haber’s eLIXA® platform helps you run a sustainable operation through water, energy and chemical savings.

eLIXA® is a secure cloud based platform that integrates data collected through sensors across your plant and controls mechanical, operational and chemical parameters.

Data can be accessed and controlled through existing plant’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, eLIXA® EDGE device and through web based dashboards remotely.

Minimal customization, quick deployment and instant results

Our approach is a comprehensive look at mechanical, operational and chemical aspects of your utility operations.

Critical data parameters collected in real-time are used to ensured optimal operation, reacted to system stress in real-time, helped to predict future stress and respond proactively ensures better efficiency of the system in place.

We are constantly developing new, unique and cost effective ways to collect and relate data to our process & utility solutions so you spend less time collecting and analysing, more time taking action.

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Haber’s automation solution helped us increase our production by 2%, reduced the chemical consumption by 20%, and improved the system efficiency

- Pulp and Paper Packaging Manufacturer
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Haber’s smart system helped us increase our retention by 5%, reduced the raw-material consumption and improved the product quality

- Pulp and Paper Packaging Manufacturer
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With Haber's help we could Reduce bacterial count to 5 CFU/ml, avoid unscheduled boil-outs and improve product quality

— Major Pulp and Paper Manufacturer
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Haber’s smart system helped us maintain target brightness within the specified range, with minimal variability, and reduced the chemical consumption by 10%

— Major Pulp and Paper Manufacturer
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Maximize your plant efficiency and profit through automated, data-driven decisions

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