Make informed, accurate decisions and optimize your plant operations.

Haber provides automated, AI-driven solutions to generate accurate, real-time insights and help you manage your process more efficiently.

Over the past decade, there has been an explosion of raw and unstructured data, many a time overwhelming operators and not resulting in decision ready analysis.

At Haber we understand parameters that are critical to your success and help you focus on driving gains on those, while leveraging the parameters that may seem unimportant but, could have a big impact.

You no longer need to be siloed into looking at your process in a fragmented fashion.Let us help you take your data to the next level, create new insights and make better informed and accurate decisions about your plant operations.

Capitalizing on data is no longer a choice, it’s a must do to stay competitive and ahead of the curve.

Haber provides real-time, AI driven automation to maximize asset efficiency.

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Upto 15%

Higher Output
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Upto 8%

Increase in Revenue
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Upto 10%

Savings on Raw Materials
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Real-time monitoring and operational control

With HABER’s eLIXA® platform for process, you get access to the whole picture in real time.

eLIXA® is a secure cloud based platform that integrates data collected through sensors across your plant and controls mechanical, operational and chemical parameters.

Data can be accessed and controlled through existing plant’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, eLIXA® EDGE device and through web based dashboards remotely.

Minimal customization, quick deployment and instant results

We have helped our customers across industries get more out of their existing assets, increasing output while improving product quality and reducing defects.

Through a focused look at mechanical, chemical and operational aspects of your process, our applications address the core areas in your process, assuring system performance and predicting future challenges.

With HABER, you can leverage data from your own operations as well as industry benchmarks, setting some new ones in the process.

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Haber’s automation solution helped us increase our production by 2%, reduced the chemical consumption by 20%, and improved the system efficiency

- Pulp and Paper Packaging Manufacturer
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Haber’s smart system helped us increase our retention by 5%, reduced the raw-material consumption and improved the product quality

- Pulp and Paper Packaging Manufacturer
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With Haber's help we could Reduce bacterial count to 5 CFU/ml, avoid unscheduled boil-outs and improve product quality

— Major Pulp and Paper Manufacturer
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Haber’s smart system helped us maintain target brightness within the specified range, with minimal variability, and reduced the chemical consumption by 10%

— Major Pulp and Paper Manufacturer
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Maximize your plant efficiency and profit through automated, data-driven decisions

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