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Data-driven solutions to enhance production for the Food and Beverage Industry

Stop relying on manual processes and subject matter experts

You’re using more raw material yet getting a lower end-product quality.
You're wasting critical time and resources due to downtimes and system failures.

Haber provides real-time, AI driven automation to maximize plant efficiency & output

Upto 15%

Higher Output

Upto 5%

Increase in Revenue

Upto 7%

Savings on Energy


Additional Cost

Delivering savings in every step of the food production supply chain

We work with businesses across food & beverage processing to production to packaging and transportation, delivering measurable savings  in every step of the food production supply chain.

At the core of our solution is the eLIXA® platform that translates raw data in real time to actionable intelligence. We understand your critical success parameters and through automation drive the operational, mechanical and chemical improvements needed to consistently achieve those.

Monitor your production from the dashboard

Our solutions spans process, cooling and boiler water and raw and waste water treatment ensuring you have a single point of assurance for a diverse range of needs for Dairy plants, Beverage plants, Breweries & Distilleries, Sugar mills, Food processing and Pharmaceutical manufacturing. Advance analytics capabilities on the eLIXA® platform ensure you are uncovering trends and understanding relations and dependencies better throughout plant, as well as, across plants.

Haber’s smart system helped us increase our retention by 5%, reduced the raw-material consumption and improved the product quality

- Pulp and Paper Packaging Manufacturer
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With Haber's help we could Reduce bacterial count to 5 CFU/ml, avoid unscheduled boil-outs and improve product quality

— Major Pulp and Paper Manufacturer
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Haber’s smart system helped us maintain target brightness within the specified range, with minimal variability, and reduced the chemical consumption by 10%

— Major Pulp and Paper Manufacturer
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