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One of the largest specialty paper manufacturer in India reduces cost of raw material while improving quality

In the filtration process during paper making, the paper machine wire cloth is used as a continuous filter that filters the solids from the ready pulp solution, but some fine particles drain out with the water and create so many troubles in the paper formation process.


Retention and drainage aids are applied to the paper machine furnish to increase the efficiency of the papermaking operation and to improve the quality of the finished sheet. Retention and drainage programs can provide significant cost and operating advantages for virtually all paper, paperboard and tissue manufacturers.

Retention & drainage is one of the most important process of the paper machine operations because of its wide-ranging effects on production rate, product quality and overall costs of paper making process. Without an effective retention program, large quantities furnish components, mainly, fines and fillers could pass through the wire during initial sheet formation leading to low retention values and poor run ability.

A good retention program can also provide:

• Increased machine speed.
• Improved retention of fines and fillers.
• Reduced steam usage.
• Improved paper formation.
• Reduction in foaming.
• Cleaner white-water system.


Haber’s RDA program built on Top of eLIXA platform is helping our customers to retain zero fine fiber particles and better drainage of chemicals, by dosing water soluble polymers in the papermaking slurry without any manual interventions. The entire process was automated with the help of eLIXA. The amount chemicals required to dose is decided based on computations performed by eLIXA. It monitors the current processes, water properties and production rate and make predictions, based on the predictions decision are made. It alters the dosing with precision and accuracy. Thus, making the process entirely automated and completely reliable. eLIXA is an AI based platform that learns and adapts in real-time so your systems are continually improving. It transforms unstructured content to actionable intelligence.

HABER’s RDA program was best suited to the situation. Chemical preparation and dosing were automated, so manpower can be re-deployed. Thus, making the program very economical for the customers with an opportunity to increase the productivity with better quality and less wastages.


The Solution has resulted in Reducing the quantity of additives and reduced accumulation of deposits. Runtime of the plant was improved. Less sewer losses and the quality of paper produced increased immensely. We boosted the retention of fillers and fibers. By influencing the drainage process speed of papermaking machine gets increased. RDA providing better surface contact and reduced steam usage, resulting in less energy consumption. It helped customers to achieve better efficiencies thus, increasing their productivity and making their ventures to be more profitable.

The Customers have achieved their goal of boosting productivity with automated dosing of polymers and reduced cost of raw materials. HABER’s standardized Retention & Draining Aid solution is best suited for the paper making industry and industries with high variability in effluent quality. HABER’s solution requires little to no customization resulting in quicker implementation and delivers value on the go.

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