Level Up Your Production With Mt. Fuji

Say goodbye to delay and hello to precision with Mt. Fuji AI! Slash defects, ramp up efficiency, and turbocharge planning across all your production sites, all from one game-changing platform.

Process and Production Intelligence Platform catering to your Production

Maximize efficiency and stability with Mt. Fuji's integrated features, including real-time KPI measurement, refined traceability, standardized data collection, instant alerts, and comprehensive data visibility.

Elevate Data

Secure Multi-Sourced Data

Mt. Fuji implements OPC and other measures to homogenize and secure data from inputs like PLC/DCS, MES/ERP, SCADA, shift logs, and more, thereby enabling manufacturer-independent data exchange.

Elevate Data

View the Raw Data Statistics

Seamlessly view raw data as well from multiple sources in real time to gain a broader vision on varying fronts, right up to the organizational level.

Visualize Insights

Dive into Digital Twin Solutions

Easily integrate real-time data into dashboards or digital replicas of HMIs and P&IDs with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Visualize Insights

Design Your Own Dashboards

Tailor visual insights effortlessly with our no-code platform, catering to owners, site heads, and service personnel alike.

Enhance Operations

Perform Detailed Batch Analyses

Continuous improvement through Ad-Hoc, Root Cause, and Exploratory Analyses, with integrated "Golden Batch Comparison" feature, enhances process optimization, enabling single-batch comparisons alongside traditional multi-batch charts.

Enhance Operations

Monitor Plant Performance

Track real-time KPIs including OEE, up-time, downtime, and more to enhance resource efficiency. Receive instant alerts for errors and anomalies, ensuring swift response to equipment breakdowns or process malfunctions.

Unleash AI

Achieve Adaptive Set-Point Tuning

Automatically adjust parameter set-points based on the current conditions to minimize real-time deviation.

Unleash AI

Attain AI-Driven Preemptive Diagnosis

With the AI Operator, obtain process diagnosis at a consistent rate, ensuring timely rectification of potential issues.

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