Case Study

Kaiznn's Trim Optimization: Transforming Order Fulfillment through AI Excellence

This case study discusses how Haber helped a leading paper manufacturer manage its order fulfillment by optimizing the process of deckle matching with the help of Haber’s cutting-edge technology, Kaiznn™.


Deckle matching is a complex process that can save millions for paper mills if done efficiently. Many of the mills currently rely on the manual matching of orders through spreadsheets which is an inefficient and time-consuming process. The mill in prospect was doing deckle matching manually. The prepared deckle match solution is not guaranteed to be the most optimal solution. It became a very difficult task for them to manage order fulfillment as they were unable to plan deckle matching for more than 2-3 days ahead resulting in lost revenue and a last-minute scramble to fulfill orders.

As there were many specifications from the customers, in the orders, the paper mill was not able to hold an inventory of products for standard sizes. Order value also frequently changes at the customer site, resulting in increased combinations for deckle matching. The changes in variables in real-time were causing issues for the customer in tracking and mapping the order resulting in many unfulfilled orders. Paper Mill had difficulties in managing unfulfilled order items for deckle matching as their quantity varies significantly resulting in high trim losses and more combinations for the solution.

Our Approach

Kaiznn™ is a first-of-its-kind Deckle Management solution with an integrated CRM and Production Management system. Kaiznn™ helps you maximize order fulfillment while ensuring reduced trim losses. Kaiznn™ helps you increase your customer satisfaction by meeting all the delivery commitments, maximizing profits by reducing trim loss significantly, and achieving deckle planning with the best possible outcomes in seconds. It also shows real-time information of order and production stages, to enable quick decision-making with actionable insights.

With the implementation of Kaiznn™, customers were able to plan the deckle matching for orders based on delivery dates, they were able to consider all the orders specified for the given time interval for certain specifications in one go. Kaiznn™’s deckle matching algorithms are optimized such that they take all the orders for the same specification and provide an optimal solution that ensures maximum order fulfillment with minimum trim loss as well as a minimum number of combinations.

With Kaiznn™, even while stacking up new orders, the deckle matching solution is recalculated to provide multiple options. This ensured that various solutions were provided in just a few seconds, instead of the long hours it would take for a single solution to be calculated by dedicated deckle matching personnel.


  • Customer Order Fulfillment increased from 69.92% to 75.32% (i.e. 7.72% increase in Order Fulfillment) for the 25 different job cards compared to the manual combination prepared through Kaiznn. The customer was able to try different combinations by including stock sizes to identify various solutions that reduce trim losses and increase fulfillment with Kaiznn. [Fig. 1]
Fig. 1
  • Average trim loss per month reduced from 3.26% to 2.86% (i.e. 12.29% Reduction in Trim Loss) for the 25 different job cards compared to the manual combination prepared through Kaiznn. [Fig. 2]
Fig. 2
  • Making one solution from order entry to formulating the result was completed within 30 minutes. The customer was able to compare multiple solutions to choose from with different stock sizes within an hour. [Fig. 3]
Fig. 3

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