Case Study

Reducing Inconsistencies in the Internal Sizing Process

This case study discusses how Haber helped a leading writing and printing paper manufacturer resolve inconsistencies in paper production quality by improving the efficiency of its internal sizing process.


Internal sizing is the process by which the resistance of paper towards water (and other liquids) is increased by dosing it with aqua phobic substances. Decreasing absorbency, wetting, as well as ink blotting is obtained through this process.

Involving the addition of different chemistries to the pulp stock to develop water repellence is very critical to paper manufacturers as it directly affect send-product quality.

The major issues faced by the writing and printing paper manufacturer were as follows:

-         Inconsistencies in Cobb values

-         Inflated sizing cost

-         Non-optimal paper quality

The customer approached Haber and had a detailed technical discussion to understand the issues experienced. This was followed by a thorough system study and lab screening of suitable products to determine how to improve upon the process.

Our Approach:

Haber initially focused on providing the optimal chemical aid, after which the dosing frequency was adjusted. An updated internal sizing program was introduced to improve the efficiency of the process. The scientific approach was adopted by the team to select the suitable chemistry so as to overcome the issue faced by the customer.

A real-time artificial intelligence and machine learning-based control for internal sizing, eLIXA® controlled and maintained the addition of chemicals and ensured that the Cobb values were maintained within the target range at all times.

The key process variables were measured and uploaded to the cloud in real-time on which big data analysis was carried out. Haber introduced its fully automated eLIXA® controlled internal sizing program to ensure that the constituents were performing at the maximum potential.


The installation of eLIXA® resolved the key issues faced by the client, resulting in:

-         Fluctuation of Cobb values being maintained within the target range

-         Sizing cost reduction

-         Substantial decrease in quality rejects & customer complaints

The implementation of AI/ML optimized the internal sizing process as it helped in avoiding potential delays in the execution of the solution due to human intervention. Due to the optimization of the process, real-time changes could be incorporated resulting in improved efficiency in product delivery, along with an upgrade in paper quality. Thus, eLIXA® helped the paper manufacturer achieve quality control over their products on a consistent level, with minimum investment involved.

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