AI Across All Sectors Of The Economy

Artificial intelligence is no longer the future. It is omnipresent. A technological advancement that can be seen across all sectors of the economy, agricultural,  manufacturing and service sectors.

Not many advancements are applicable across every field. When a new technological advancement applies to all fields, it revolutionizes the way the world functions. 

In the current days, Artificial intelligence, by its predictive ability through deep data analysis, enables us to bring precision in decision making. It has become a driving force to improve efficiency across the economy. 

AI and Agriculture

Artificial intelligence in the field of agriculture can start with sowing seeds. Forecasting the climatic conditions helps to zero down on the most favorable stretch of days for sowing seeds. Following this, it analyses soil properties. It becomes helpful during the growing season. AI can be used to analyze water requirements. In addition to this, it can also analyze soil health in terms of nutrient requirements. It helps us to use the optimal amount of manure and fertilizers. Finally, during the harvest period, automation helps to harvest the crops faster and reduce wastage.  AI can also help to identify pest attacks and alert the farmer at the right time.  It helps to reduce the risk of losing crops to such damages. An efficient agricultural process will help to increase yield. Keeping in mind the expanding population, an efficient agricultural sector is important to ensure food security for all.

AI and Manufacturing Industries

In the manufacturing sector, artificial intelligence has been adopted by many. It has helped in reducing product defects, use resources efficiently and reduce emissions of other harmful discharges into the environment. Automation has helped to reduce the dependence on humans for repetitive work. This has also enabled round the clock production thereby increasing the production capabilities. This is critical to meeting the increasing consumer demand. Efficiency in the usage of resources helps in increasing production and reducing cost while the best product is put forward. The contribution of AI towards reducing emissions and harmful discharges has been very critical. It has made the process easier. This reduces the pressure a manufacturer has to undertake. This in a way encourages manufacturers to not only comply with rules and achieve the bare minimum mandated by law, but also implement stricter norms.

Haber, through its AI-driven platform, has helped several industries, such as the pulp and paper, metals and mining, and food and beverage industries. This has helped them in improving efficiency, reducing costs and reducing energy and water consumption. 

AI and Service Industries

The use of AI in the service industry is also widespread. Starting from E-commerce, which uses AI to monitor consumer behavior and accordingly suggests products to banking which has used it to make the round the clock services better. In banking, AI has been used to predict credit scores and optimize lending. It has been very critical to banks especially at a time when NPAs were on a rise. The use of AI in healthcare has been impressive. It uses AI to detect diseases. In all services, the industry has used AI for moving towards a more customer-centric zone.

Thus we can see that AI is omnipresent. It helps the economy on the whole. It is no longer the future, it's the present and businesses across sectors are adopting it. 

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