Cloud vs On-premise Software for Pulp & Paper

Industries and Organizations today have a constant need to innovate, scale and be flexible to meet the ever-changing needs. Cloud-based solutions have thus gathered more popularity giving an edge to businesses to remain competitive and achieve their strategies. They are completely eradicating the need to maintain and support the On-Premise systems providing a hassle-free experience. In return, the business can judiciously utilize their resources, time and money to focus on other areas.


A lot has changed with multiple industry leaders providing cloud infrastructure for SAAS or PAAS. With enhanced security and options to scale-up and scale-down the resources, using cloud has become an extremely viable option. Secondly, there are multiple tools/technologies integrated within the cloud environment which help meet the needs of newer implementation and solutions.


Haber moved on to instill the cloud option for its software implementation. There was a need for building a software capable to handle an ever-changing environment and be able to scale up the solution for multiple processes being followed. With each new process, it was necessary to tie up processes and software exchanging data using IoT devices and eventually being used for Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities. With On-Premise software, this would have become a nightmare to up and integrate all the packages and eventually maintain them. 

Cloud solutions also provide the flexibility for work practices. Resources utilizing the services are able to access the data and provide support across locations. Secondly, cloud computing organizations help provide latest technologies and upgrade them regularly, thereby giving the flexibility to adopt to changes as and when required. Pay-as-you-go features help maintain the cost and drive better efficiencies for organizations.

Today Haber has multiple Databases (Hot and Cold), IoT (Internet of Things), Machine Learning, API’s and web solutions built up in one integrated environment talking to each other. This has helped to contextualize and integrate data from a variety of systems. Using analytics and AI is helping to provide deep insights and provide solutions for Pulp and paper industry.

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Cloud systems have provided a platter of features to help control software and other controls for an edge IoT device sitting at a remote location. Operation dependency is thus significantly reduced which was far easy to implement using cloud-based solutions.

There are dashboards provided to get a good visualization of the plant performance and how the systems are performing. There are a ton of visuals showcasing various attributes and their performances over a desired period of interval. Individuals can filter down the metadata from minutes to months. There are customized features provided to download telemetry and other data based on feature selection and the time intervals chosen.

Analytics using cloud interfaces have provided additional boost to the teams. There is live data performance available along with statistical inference visuals. With multitude of features available, users have the ability to compare and analyze data at any scale. Data can be viewed and analyzed in a similar fashion of how stocks values can be seen for various exchanges as well. 

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