Greenfield Success: A Story of Accelerating the Growth Trajectory

Greenfield project is one place where HABER comes ahead and helps the customer by providing selective AI solutions and packages all its expertise as a service.


Greenfield is a term used across various industries and functions such as investment and construction. The basic message the term tries to convey is that the project or task is being carried out without any constraints or benchmarks of previous work. A greenfield project refers to a new production line or plants being set up by either an existing manufacturer or a new manufacturer entering the business in the pulp and paper industry context.


Starting a manufacturing plant from scratch or setting up a new production line has its challenges. With a huge plethora of tasks, it requires that the management prioritizes and figures these tasks one by one. It is amplified even further when it is a new manufacturer entering the business. Lack of experience and expertise will hamper the ability to achieve maximum production.


Chemical management is one of the most critical processes in a mill that requires immediate attention.  If not handled with care it can lead to financial losses, either due to excessive use of chemicals or poor product quality. Lack of any previous benchmark add-on to the trouble. It requires a lot of trials to reach the desired quality. But with a wide range of tasks at hand and a lack of expertise, it becomes difficult for a greenfield project to monitor these processes closely.


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This is where HABER came in with its comprehensive chemical management for greenfield projects. This shifts the entire responsibility of managing chemicals onto HABER. It starts from sourcing the right type of chemicals to implementing AI-driven processes within the plant to control processes in real-time. It brings along the expertise, which takes care of chemical management and provides support in mill processes.


HABER has worked with two such greenfield products and has been successful in reducing the time frame of attaining maximum production significantly. Implementation of AI from the beginning also put the plant a step ahead of others. This serves as a great example of how the expertise of one can help you grow together.


Such support becomes very critical in the earlier days as it enables mills to achieve maximum production as early as possible. It also ensures superior product quality and optimum usage of chemicals. This reduces the financial losses faced by the plant. The shift of responsibility also enables the plant team to focus attention on other critical issues. It reduces the number of issues they need to focus on, the number of suppliers they need to deal with, and also the efforts to figure out the right chemicals and dosing on their own.


HABER’s greenfield project exhibits how automation, working together, and sharing expertise can bring a critical difference to the growth trajectory of the mill.

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