Kaiznn™ – Deckle Matching Made Easy

What is Kaiznn™?

Kaiznn™ is a one-of-a-kind, intelligent, integrated deckle matching software that helps paper mills make quicker decisions to optimize their resources. Kaiznn™ has been engineered with AI/ML algorithms which enable the users to quickly define deckle operations by compiling data from the selected orders in the pipeline and helps prioritize orders to ensure on-time fulfillment of customer needs.

How does it function?

Based on the orders in the pipeline, different job combinations are explored in real-time. The job combinations are compiled for variably sized & weighted orders of a particular GSM range where once the set of orders is finalized by the user, Kaiznn™ checks all the order line items based on the specifications provided and gives multiple solutions for it, considering parameters such as trim loss optimization, order fulfillment, delivery window and cutters available.

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Why use an integrated deckle matching software in the first place?

An intelligent integrated deckle matching software is optimal as it provides end-to-end support through the integration of the CRM and Production Management System to optimize resource allocation.

Through the use of Kaiznn™, the trim loss can be significantly minimized (by up to 30%) as the focus is on organizing multiple orders to utilize most of the paper, reducing the raw material cost and thereby maximizing the profits.

How is Kaiznn™ different?

Deckle optimization in most cases entails the expending of time and workforce in data collection and analysis by the users, thus resulting in lesser resources being allocated towards decision making. The dependence on continuous human involvement in analysis results in an increase in the possibility of error as well as lower iterations of decisive options for the jobs at hand.

Kaiznn™ has been incorporated keeping in mind these issues. AI/ML algorithm has been implemented to provide real-time provision of multiple solutions to the users helping them to focus on quick decision making, reducing man-made error, better utilize the working inventory and minimize the cost of the process.

Being a plug-and-play software, it is easy to access, while also providing an overall management platform for every paper machinery on the site, all on a single screen.

Which industries can Kaiznn™ be applied in?

With trim loss optimization having multiple avenues of applications, Kaiznn™ can be employed in the industries producing pulp & paper, metal sheets, plastic films, etc.

How much would you save with Kaiznn™?


Similarly, based on the grade of paper, the capacity, trim loss, and selling price you can get an estimate of the yearly savings through the Kaiznn™ calculator.

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