Deckle Matching Software: The Next Step

Deckle Matching is a complex process involving devising a solution that achieves maximum production efficiency, minimum trim loss, and quick turnover of orders. The calculations are complex, with multiple variables being considered and real-time dynamic changes being involved. There is also a need to ensure that the solution achieves the best-case scenario for efficiency, loss, and turnover, based on the current market and the production capabilities.

With an intelligent deckle matching software, the following losses faced during paper production can be minimized:

Excessive Trim Loss:

Trim loss is an inevitable outcome of the process of trimming, which is the cutting of standard-sized reels of paper into rolls of custom specifications. The process of deckle matching is implemented in order to utilize the maximum amount of paper from the reels, by minimizing the quantity of trim loss. Significant trim loss (greater than 3%)is caused due to inefficiencies created by a lack of real-time deckle matching, which results in a loss of inventory and increased costs.

Through the implementation of Kaiznn™,the trim loss can be reduced by up to 30%, as the algorithm works towards recommending the best combination of orders to ensure that most of the material is utilized, and profit is maximized. For example, in a paper mill producing 100-200 TPD, Kaiznn™ increases revenue by INR 5 Mn-20 Mn.

Delivery Fulfilment Inadequacies:

Since there are various permutations of roll requirements and types of paper required, most paper manufacturers do not store significant inventory. This produce-to-order system of functioning when coupled with multiple stacks of orders results inconsiderable lead time. Also, arranging the orders in real-time, based on their proposed time of delivery, while being a cumbersome process, is crucial in ensuring efficient order delivery.

With Kaiznn™, even while stacking up new orders, the deckle matching solution is recalculated to provide multiple options. This ensures that various solutions are provided in just a few seconds, instead of the long hours it would take for a single solution to be calculated by dedicated deckle matching personnel on Excel. This real-time iteration ensures that on-time delivery fulfillment isn’t compromised.

Deckle Matching Inefficiencies:

In the process of paper production, different processes are being improved currently by employing technology. However, the independent functioning of the software results in loss of resources & time, thus hampering the optimization of the process.  The time delay which occurs due to low-level synchronization along the entire pipeline, makes it difficult to provide round-the-clock, quick adjustments.

An intelligent integrated deckle matching software such as ours is optimal in this case as it provide send-to-end support through the integration of the CRM and Production Management System to optimize resource allocation.


When implemented, Kaiznn™ provides a one-stop solution in the process of deckle matching that optimizes the entire deckle matching process. Our intelligent integrated deckle management software, with CRM and Production Management System gives you results in seconds, reduces loss and improves order fulfilment.


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